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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SHINELINE SEAL is a thermoplastic seal specifically designed for use with Upper Limits and High Frontier Floor Finishes in Spartan's SHINELINE Image Creating Ultra Hi Speed Program.

With all the changes that have taken place in the recent past as to the care and feeding of a high gloss floor, Spartan realized the need to develop a floor seal to create the sound foundation on which to build a high speed floor program. Although floors such as terrazzo and concrete are obviously porous to the naked eye, many times people don't realize that resilient tile is also very porous. SHINELINE SEAL has been developed to fill these pores while prolonging the life of the floor with added protection.

HIGH SOLIDS: A high solids thermoplastic formulation, just two coats of SHINELINE SEAL is needed to condition, seal, and protect a floor. A high gloss, wet look appearance is accomplished by building gloss from the first coat of seal to the last coat of finish.

DURABLE: The backbone of the SHINELINE SEAL formulation is it's controlled blend of thermal monomers which enhance the strength of the finish. Once applied, SHINELINE SEAL becomes a flexible, tough seal, which helps prevent damage and deterioration due to abrasion, scratching, scuffing, and wear. Should the floor finish wear off, SHINELINE SEAL acts as the last line of defense to protect floors.

NON-YELLOWING: SHINELINE SEAL is a thermoplastic emulsion formulation containing no ingredients that will yellow, distort, diminish, or discolor surfaces while drying to a transparent film.

ECONOMICAL: Saves labor and reduces costly down time. SHINELINE SEAL levels well and one gallon will cover 3,000 to 4,000 square feet.

VERSATILE: In addition to resilient tile, SHINELINE SEAL can also be used to seal concrete, terrazzo, and marble. There is no solvent smell as with some other seals.

      HOW TO USE:
      Wet floors may be slippery. Prevent pedestrian traffic with signs or barricades.
      Completely strip the floor of all seal, wax, and finish.
      Before applying SHINELINE SEAL, make certain the floor is clean and dry. Loose dirt, stripper residue, or dampness will keep SHINELINE SEAL from penetrating and bonding to the floor.
      When sealing larger areas, use a wax and seal mop, rayon mop, or a lint free cotton mop to apply SHINELINE SEAL.
      Pour SHINELINE SEAL into a lined mop bucket with wringer.
      Saturate the clean mop with SHINELINE SEAL and wring out the lower half or two-thirds until it no longer drips.
      Apply SHINELINE SEAL by keeping the moist mop head flat on the floor. The tail of the mop will spread SHINELINE SEAL uniformly.
      Resaturate the mop frequently so that the SHINELINE SEAL will not spread too thinly or set up too quickly. If the mop becomes dry, it will cause streaking.
      In ideal weather conditions, SHINELINE SEAL should dry within 20 minutes. After it is dry to the touch, a second coat of SHINELINE SEAL should be applied and allowed to dry completely. Using a clean mop head, a first coat of Upper Limits or High Frontier may be applied. ADD MORE COATS TO REACH THE 100%+ PROTECTION LEVEL!
      Never use the SHINELINE SEAL mop head for applying Spartan SHINELINE finishes.

PACKAGING: SHINELINE SEAL is available in The Big Kid, 330-gallon disposable tote; recyclable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) 55, 30, and 15-gallon drums; 5-gallon pails; and gallons, four per case. Label copy is provided in English and Spanish.

GUARANTEE: Spartan's modern manufacturing and laboratory control insure uniform quality. If dissatisfied with performance of product, any unused portion may be returned for credit within one year of the date of manufacture. Use product as directed and read all precautionary statements.

Some materials may require special handling or application. Please refer to the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet, literature and label.